Country Bob’s Sauce


Old Settlers BeansBy Nate EdsonOld Settlers beans are rustic and satisfying with big butter beans mixed with bacon, ground beef, and rich molasses. Go ahead and make your own ...
Chicken SaladBy Country Bob BoysA classic dish improved upon by Country Bob's Seasoning Salt a whole lot of country love and preparation. You're sure to want this dish time and time again.
Barbecue Pulled PorkBy Country Bob BoysCan Barbecue Pulled Pork get any better? Many wouldn't think so, but with Country Bob's, this classic dish goes to the next level.
Shredded Beef Street TacosBy Country Bob BoysTake the flavor of street tacos and create that in your very own home. These tacos pack a punch with Country Bob's Apple Chipotle or Honey Habanero Sauce.
Crock Pot Barbecue ChickenBy Country Bob BoysPulled chicken is simple and always good. So get out your crockpot, that frozen bag of boneless/skinless poultry, and let’s get cooking!
Stuffed PeppersBy Country Bob BoysWe got a call from someone looking for an old recipe from years ago. So I went searching for our incredible Stuffed Pepper recipe that is simple and delicious. Set up your crockpot or your instant pot, go to work, and come home to enjoy a healthy hearty meal.
Garlic Butter RibeyeBy Country Bob BoysCountry Bob's reverse-seared Garlic Butter Ribeye is a tender cut of beef that's loaded with flavor - just add a dash of our Seasoning Salt!
Dynamite ShrimpBy Country Bob BoysCountry Bob's newest take on seafood is our Dynamite Shrimp! For extra spice, try using our Honey Habanero All Purpose Sauce, or substitute for our Original. Garnish with cilantro, flavor it up with our Barbecue Sauce, and serve with rice for a savory meal!

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