Country Bob’s Sauce


Smoked TurkeyBy Country Bob BoysFrom deep frying to roasting, there are plenty of creative ways to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. This year, try your hand at smoking your turkey! Check out these tips for a feast sure to impress your dinner guests!
Bacon Cheese FriesBy Country Bob BoysWe had you at "Bacon" didn't we? These are your traditional spuds turned extra yummy with a big mix of extra toppings.
Asian Brussels SproutsBy Country Bob BoysNo one will say "Eww! Brussels Sprouts" when they taste these delicious veggies with an Asian flair. With sesame oil and a ginger kick, these will be a hit with everyone.
Carne Asada Tacos with Chipotle Cream SauceBy Country Bob BoysCarne asada is a sizzlin' and authentic Mexican dish that can be made with thin sliced ribeye or well-marbled steak. It can be prepared as a main dish or side ingredient. We decided to pack ours into corn tortillas for Taco Night!
BBQ Pork Belly SlidersBy Country Bob BoysThere's nothing quite like a homemade, hearty slider! These tender pork belly mini sandwiches will fill you right up and are bursting with flavor from colorful toppings like cilantro and jalapenos!
Sticky Tender Chicken WingsBy Country Bob BoysSticky tender wings are fun to make and even more fun to eat! They hit the spot with the right amount of juicy flavor. It's a fun meal for the whole family to enjoy!
Nashville Hot CatfishBy Country Bob BoysGet a taste of the flavor from down South in this Nashville Hot Catfish dish! The right blend of spices give it that perfect kick your taste buds crave.
Green Chili Cheddar BurgersBy Country Bob BoysHow do you make your neighbors green with envy? Serve these Green Chili Cheddar Burgers at your next barbecue. You can either go hot or not with the chiles, depending on your tastes.

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