Country Bob’s Sauce


Mango Habanero WingsBy Country Bob BoysMango Habanero Wings will add that extra kick to your 'Supperbowl' party! But if you're not feeling the heat, substitute for Original All Purpose Sauce!
PizzaBy Country Bob BoysPizza Party at Country Bob’s. One day, we just decided we needed to make a bunch of pizzas using our All Purpose Sauce. Listed will be the ingredients we used but feel free to use your favorite combinations. So here we go, Country Bob’s pizza!
BBQ Chicken SpudsBy Country Bob BoysThese BBQ chicken spuds are a real crowd pleaser and a quick easy meal for everyone in your clan!
Turkey BreastBy Country Bob BoysTurkey Breast is one of my favorite foods. Here is a look at this year’s Christmas evening dinner!
BBQ Pulled ChickenBy Country Bob BoysThis BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich recipe is one that we did here at the office one day. This recipe gives you just a hint of a chicken fajita flavor. Combined with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce this recipe is a winner. Everyone loved it here and the leftovers were great the next day.
Pineapple Crockpot ChickenBy Country Bob BoysIf you're looking for simplicity in cooking and still want tasty crockpot chicken, this recipe is for you.  
Cornish HenBy Country Bob BoysThis Cornish Hen recipe made a fun evening for my wife and me. We only had one cornish game hen, so we needed a way to make it a meal for two. So here we go, Cornish Hen For Two! Poultry perfection!
Old-Fashioned BBQ ChickenBy Country Bob BoysThis week I wanted to do just a simple old-fashioned BBQ chicken, low & slow, sit there with Patti and just relax. 

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