Apple Chipotle

Our Apple Chipotle All-Purpose featuring exactly the right balance of sweet and heat in all its Gluten Free form.

The best chefs love to tinker with ingredients.

And while Country Bob didn’t go to culinary school, he knew that by combining the sweetness found only in crisp apples and the zing unique to Chipotle peppers, a first-of-its-kind sauce would happen.

Use our Apple Chipotle All Purpose Sauce on:

Pork Chops • Chicken Breasts • Salsas • All Cuts of Steak • Bratwursts • Hot Dogs • Ribs • Fish • And So Much More

Ingredients: Tomato concentrate, (tomato paste and water), vinegar, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, corn syrup, apple juice concentrate, salt, onion powder, ground red pepper, caramel color, garlic powder, ground chipotle pepper, tamarind, corn starch, natural flavors, and other spices.

6 BottlesShipping is included in price


3 reviews for Apple Chipotle

  1. Mike F

    Apple Chipotle is the absolute best sauce ever! I just wish I could find it at the store, 6 bottle minimum order shipped to me is expensive, but worth it I guess.

  2. Devin Biekert

    By far my favorite sauce. Good on almost all meats but to my surprise was really good on fried walleye filet.

  3. Danielle

    Amazing! Only problem can’t find it anywhere.

    • Kayla

      Danielle, you are correct, Apple Chipotle is difficult to find. We are always happy to ship it you though!

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