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Smoked Tri-tipBy Ken FisherReverse seared, juicy, and full of flavor, this tri-tip recipe will blow your mind.
Southwest Bacon BurgersBy Ken FisherSouthwest Bacon Burgers, we were craving burgers…really, really great burgers. We had to use 1/3 lb. hamburger patties topped with Ken’s smoked mozzarella cheese and our famous bacon weave. Just for fun, we topped them with onion rings. We made our own special sauce of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce Apple Chipotle flavor mixed with an equal amount of mayo. Perfect.
Reverse Seared Prime RibBy Ken FisherSimple Reverse Seared Prime Rib, we love the “BIG Beef” flavor of prime rib. Patti found them on sale brought home a few nice prime rib roasts for me to smoke. We thought over all the ways you can do a prime rib roast and we decided we would do a reverse sear, love them. This means that we’ll smoke it until it comes up to an internal temp of 100° and then finish it with a hot sear.
Bacon Ring BurgerBy Ken FisherThe Bacon Ring Burger. Here is another great recipe from our friends Ken and Patti at What a great burger! We made these and filled them with sautéed garlicky mushrooms. We call them Bacon Rings, what a treat.
Bacon Wrapped Pork KabobsBy Ken FisherPatti had a couple of nice pork tenderloins that I wanted to do something a little different. The first thought I had was bacon, of course, that’s normal for us so I move on through the thought process. Which sometimes is a painful process for me. My second and third thoughts were more bacon. Ok, I can sometimes take a hint, always when it involves Patti & I and our BBQ.
Maple Smoked Glazed TurkeyBy Ken FisherMaple Smoked Glazed Turkey recipe to give you some ideas for your Thanksgiving or Christmas bird. We smoked this guy in maple smoke for 5 hours and made a maple glaze that was over the top.

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