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This tilapia recipe makes a quick and simple meal. Get your rice going and by the time it’s done everything is ready to eat.

Tilapia rice Plate

 1 cup brown or white rice
 4 (6 oz.) tilapia fillets
 0.25 cup Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce
 4 tbsp olive oil
 0.50 tsp Country Bob’s Seasoning Salt
 1 tsp fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
 1 fresh lemon, sliced

Cook the rice according to the package directions.


Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a nonstick skillet, medium-high heat.


Pour All Purpose Sauce into a bowl. Dip/baste fish into sauce.


Place in batches into skillet. (2 at a time) Season tilapia with seasoning salt as it cooks. Repeat after turning.


Cook until cooked through, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Add more oil to skillet if necessary.

Let cool, then break into pieces.


Finely chop the cilantro. Watch the video on how.


Sprinkle cilantro over rice. Serve with a slice of fresh lemon.


Remember, a recipe is just a guide. Don’t hesitate to try alternative things! Try grilling your tilapia with some aluminum foil on your grill.

Or, try it on that indoor grill you have in the pantry!