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Armadillo Eggs

Prep Time10 minsCook Time2 hrs 5 minsTotal Time2 hrs 15 mins

The Country Bob Boys are gearing up for the big game. So we figured we would cook a couple appetizers for our guys here at the plant. These Armadillo eggs are sure to be a hit at your SuperBowl party.

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Armadillo Eggs
 1 lb ground sausage
 5 jalapeno peppers
 8 cream cheese
 0.75 cup grated cheddar cheese
 0.25 cup Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce
 1 tsp Country Bob's Seasoning Salt
Armadillo Eggs

Fire up pellet grill or smoker and get it up to 225F using your favorite type of wood/pellets. Today we used 100% pure apple wood pellets from Smokin Brothers. Or you can set up your grill (gas or charcoal) to cook indirect.


Cut the top off the jalapeno pepper and cut in half. Remove the seeds and rinse the peppers.


Mix together the cream cheese and grated cheddar.


Fill the peppers with the filling.


Take some sausage and wrap it around the pepper, make sure none of the pepper is visible. Roll it into the shape of an egg.


Place the armadillo eggs on the smoker or grill.


Smoke for about 1½ to 2 hours. You want the internal temperature of the sausage to reach 160F. Also, if you notice cheese starting to bubble out of the eggs, the are likely done.